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We have gained the trust of many life science laboratories worldwide in the last two decades, we feel very confident in asking you to give us chance to convince you as well.  

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Founded in 1997, Genosphere Biotechnologies now enjoys thousands of literature Materials & Methods citations worldwide and contributes to just as many original Research & Development projects.  Find out more about some of these projects, several of which are destined to be a landmark in their field.

MDC1 Interacts with TOPBP1 to Maintain Chromosomal Stability during Mitosis.  Leimbacher, P.A. et al.  (2019)  Molecular cell, 74(3), pp 571-583

A Chemical Screen Identifies Compounds Limiting the Toxicity of C9ORF72 Dipeptide Repeats.  Corman, A. et al.  (2019)  Cell chemical biology, 26(2), pp 235-243

Deciphering CD4+ T cell specificity using novel MHC-TCR chimeric receptors.  Kisielow, J. et al.  (2019)  Nature immunology, 20(5), pp 652-662

Optimization of peptide-based cancer vaccine compositions, by sequential screening, using versatile liposomal platform.  Jacoberger-Foissac, C. et al.  (2019)  International journal of pharmaceutics, 562, pp 342-350

Synthetic peptides as a novel approach for detecting antibodies against sand fly saliva.   Sima, M. et al.  (2019)  PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 13(1), p.e0007078.





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