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  Genosphere Biotechnologies is your reliable, affordable quality services provider.  Our experienced teams of organic chemists, biochemists and immunochemists  are ready to support your projects. 

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We have gained the trust of many life science laboratories worldwide in the last two decades, we feel very confident in asking you to give us chance to convince you as well.  

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Founded in 1997, Genosphere Biotechnologies now enjoys thousands of literature Materials & Methods citations worldwide and contributes to numerous original Research & Development projects across all areas of life sciences.  Find out more about some of these projects, several of which are destined to become a landmark in their field.

Eukaryotic-like gephyrin and cognate membrane receptor coordinate corynebacterial cell division and polar elongation.  Martinez, M. et al. (2023). Nature Microbiology, 8(10), pp. 1896–1910.

A multiplex UPLC-MS/MS method for the quantification of three PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitors, atezolizumab, avelumab, and durvalumab, in human serum.  Buitelaar, P.L. et al. (2024). Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 243, p. 116108.

cAMP binding to closed pacemaker ion channels is cooperative.  Kuschke, S. et al. (2024). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 121(9), p. e2315132121.

Small fiber integrity and axonal pathology in the rat model of experimental autoimmune neuritis.  Renk, P. et al. (2024). Brain Communications, 6, p.59.

BLM and BRCA1-BARD1 coordinate complementary mechanisms of joint DNA molecule resolution.  Tsukada, K. et al. (2024). Molecular Cell, 84(4), pp. 640-658.




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From DNA to Purified Protein - Our Workflow


  1. Sequence Design: To address issues related to codon usage bias, we offer codon optimization services, improving protein expression.

  2. Gene Synthesis and Plasmid Cloning: We synthesize DNA and clone it into a high-copy plasmid.

  3. Protein Expression and Optimization: We determine gene expression levels, analyze products, and offer scale-up.

  4. Protein Purification: Utilizing affinity chromatography, ion exchange, and gel filtration, we purify and characterize proteins.


     Optional Services:

    •  TAG removal   

  •  Endotoxin elimination   

  •  Scale-up fermentation and purification




     Get started: Contact us at protein@genosphere-biotech.com with:

         • Your gene or protein sequence or UniProt accession number.
         • Your preferred expression system(s).
         • The mg amount of
recombinant protein needed (0.1 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg...).
         • The purity level required (>80%; >90%).

     Five Expression Systems: Choose from bacteria, yeast, insect cells, mammalian cells, or in vitro expression.

     Affinity Tags: Customize with N-/C-terminal tags (e.g., GST, His6, His10, etc.).



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